Salman Qureshi/Want To Start Your Programming Career? Don’t Know Where To Start? This 3-Min Article Might Help You

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You wanna start you programming career and don’t know where to start it happens all the time with everyone. So without confusing you more, I’ll tell you some of the basics where to start and which programming language to go for.

For the starters:

The basic trend is to go for “C” Language as it’s said that its the mother of all of the languages!

But let me pause you for a second, choosing a programming language as a fresher is really important because if you choose wrong the consequences are:

  • If you found it ambiguous and disturbing you will think that you can never code, there are some programming languages that are quite easy to grasp and master such as “visual basics” thats more of drag and drop stuff and with less of syntax errors! But one this is really important in programming to clear your fundamentals of Algorithms and Time Space Complexity, and You’re done ✅!
  • Choosing a programming language without knowledge of its applications and limitations can be dangerous. Firstly find its application & if it suits you, you’re good to go.

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