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We all use Google or other search engine for our daily queries and other questions over internet. And we almost get our desired results back from Google.

How to be anything

But there might be some issues when you want to search something but you cannot get the results because that search topic is either new or does not have many public results. This problem is mostly faced by researchers where the information for the particular neeche is very limited.

Google no doubt has best algorithm that mostly covers our query.

To make search engine efficient Google sometimes basicly limits its search algorithm but with google dorking we can literally find anything that’s on the web.

Some people even access public or private live cameras over internet because some people fails to follow strict security and google has vast resources and it pics it as search result. Dorking is very powerful and can become also dangerous if some just puts some files public (even SSH) Credentials are being exposed using dorking and this is indexed by google.

Google literally indexes every. Including if robots.txt 😅

When we search on google are you was internet we basically are using public internet that’s 1% of actual internet information well rest resides on dark web.

But here we do not have any intention to use dark web but the point is we cannot even access that 1% of public internet information that’s actually out there so the Google darking gives tools and certain approach that is complete legal and specifically for advance users.

Google Dorking is very easy to improvement well in this post I will try to cover basics of Google darking because there are lot of queries and message that will make this post infinite long.

So what is Google Dorking

A Google dork query, often known as a dork, is a search term that makes use of sophisticated search operators to locate data that is not easily visible on a website. Google hacking, commonly referred to as “Google dorking,” can produce results for material that is challenging to find using standard search terms.

Basic Google Dorking Methods (Dorking 101)

  • intitle

finds strings in the title of a page

Example: intitle:“intitle:“sopore 1993”

sopore 1993

  • filetype:

it finds direct files types you want to search for, docs, pdfs, mp3 or mp4 so on

This will restrict searches to that filetype e.g. “filetype:pdf” to show only PDF documents and files.

Example: filetype:pdf “article 370”

  • info:

This will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.


  • cache

This operator displays the version of a web page as it appeared when Google crawled the site. This operator requires no other search arguments.


  • inurl:

_This operator instructs Google to search only within the URL, or web address of a document. This operator requires no other search arguments.


This query would display pages with the word “kashmir.php” inside the web address._

  • link:

The hyperlink is one of the cornerstones of the Internet. A hyperlink is a selectable connection from one web page to another. Most often, these links appear as underlined text but they can appear as images, video or any other type of multimedia content.

This advanced operator instructs Google to search within hyperlinks for a search term. This operator requires no other search arguments.

Example: link:””

  • site:

This advanced operator instructs Google to restrict a search to a specific web site or domain. When using this operator, an addition search argument is required.

Example: “article 370”

The above query will return results from new york times that include the term article 370 anywhere on the page.


  • allintext:

This dork will search only within the text of pages, but not in the links or page title as shown below:

Example: allintext: “dark side of kashmir politics”


The above commands are very few but powerful dorking techniques all you have to do is copy the example texts and paste it on google search box and replace queries by your own terms.

I hope you find whatever you’re looking for.